Tuesday, October 6, 2009

duminica 11 oct ^^noise-kitty^^

Rovar17 - Genre: overnoise - www.myspace.com/rovar17 - www.rovar17.hu

Jackie Triste - Genre: Experimental / Live Electronics - www.myspace.com/jackietriste

Pent Leditgrant Memorial Orchestra - Genre: Modulation storm-research - http://www.pushya.hu/ple/index.html

Nojzerr - www.myspace.com/nojzerr

data about the bands:

ROVAR17 - The phenomenon of Rovar17 (Insect17 in English) was born 31st of august 2002, in the workroom of Kálmán Pongrácz. Levente Bod joined the band three days after, and they worked jointly through the end of 2004. They together created the albums Horsehead Nebula, Anything Else The Madness and English Letter with audio collage technique.
The line-up widened with fine artist Zoltan Fekete in the debut concert. Zoltan was responsible for the visuals of our live acts. He played a few times in the Rovar17, but soon he made up his own band, first under the name Káoszütemezo then Nautilus.
Special thanks for the perfect concert sonority of the Rovar17 for Nándor Maller, he is our constant band tech, and has also appeared as a musician (he played either Expander Springs (an instrument of his own making), or a drum sampler.
The method of the Rovar17 audio collage technique:
First step: Creation. We create some artificial organisms. Because we havenâ019t got pure laboratory, and we canâ019t groom the test-tubes and instruments, the generated living beings are black-hearted.
Second step: Sampling. We investigate the evil beings & make video and audio record of their behavior. Eventually, finds are presented live to the audience...

Jackie Triste - is Peter Szabo, co-founder of performance-noise band Alergische Platze on end of 90â019s, co-founder of Ovekk_Finn duo (www.myspace.com/ovekkfinn). Founded in 2004, Ovekk_Finn intend to create an audio experience using consistently experimental and un-classified noises. The two members, Péter Szabó and Csaba Csiki are visual artists as well. Their approach is basically an analytical one, creating electro-acoustic soundscapes, exploiting cracks, glitches and vibrations of sound. They use the old and new technologies at the same time: Csaba is working on laptop, editing sound live, Peter is using an amplified metal box and guitar-pedals. Jackie Triste is a quite new project, with the same set-up, started in 2008, where Peter tried to make something by himself. What came out is primitive guitar music without guitar. It is slow and deep, sometimes with quick awaking high-end cuts and really less rhythm. Is like a fogy dream or an underwater metal band.

Pent Leditgrant Memorial Orchestra - Scream of illusion.. Two men with analog sonic wave generators. Pent-up surrealism, experimental expressionism, full improvisation, modulation storm-research by electronic system.

Nojzerr - Nojzerr turned to music (effectively playing the saxophone) free-mindedly long years ago.Has played at performances of the Budapest underground scene ( Budapest,1984 : Almássy-square Cultural Centre, Szentendre, 1986: Studio „Lajos Vajda” ) and in short-lived art-bands (Budapest,1989: Apropo Film Foto RFZ ). After long years off the scene, turned to electronic music in 2007. Characterised more and more by a repetitivie minimalism,abstract form, more radical loop modulations and extreme effecting. Basically a solo player but open to adhoc or permanent synergies with similarly minded artists.Nojzerr puts a strong accent on an emotional „here and now” overwriting with it the usual frames of racionalism in composion. This concept of artistic freedom fits however well with the pulsating nature of earlier noisy-industrial multi-hour Share workshops (Budapest,2007-2008: Share) and also with the deepest undergound of the „Havizaj” (Monthlynoise) scene (Budapest,2009). nojz